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Bring your sukkah to life.

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Add a festive flair to your Sukkah with our decorative wall art banners. These tapestries’ vibrant colors, large size, and easy use make it a favored Sukkah decoration among our customers.

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56" Height x 76" Width
Sun and Water Resistant

Durable Fabric

Vibrant Colors 
Easy to Hang

Easy Fold Storage

Artist: Alex Levin

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Our Story
& Philosophy

From our onset nearly one decade ago, we have continuously perfected our products bringing the most vibrant fine art to your Sukkah. Our Artist Liaison team identifies emerging talented artists worldwide acquiring new and creative artwork.






Our delicately curated collection features renowned artists Alex Levin, Theodor Tolby, Leonid Afremov, Yoram Raanan, Shemel Katz, Menucha Yankelovitch, and Elena Flerova. With many exquisite scenes ranging from classic realism to abstract contemporary styles, something is available for everyone's taste. Every painting offered in our collection is filled with a combination of vivid colors and expressive brushstrokes that create vibrancy, dynamism, and beauty. We paid careful attention to ensure the quality, clarity, and coloring match its original format. These sukkah banners will liven up your sukkah space for years to come.

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Many thanks our package arrived today safe and sound. An easy fast and a magnificent Sukkot. A pleasure working with you.


J.K. Johannesburg, South Africa


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